Ceramic Vs. Acrylic Exterior Coatings

Here at Southeast Coatings Inc., we have been in the painting and home improvement industry since the 1980’s. Since day one our priority has been quality. Around 1987 the paint industry under went a shift in how paint was manufactured. They soon began discontinue producing oil-based from exterior products. Water was added to these paints to replace the oil. The removal of oil made paint easier to use, but the addition of water drastically diminished the quality. This shift in the industry set us on a search for the longest lasting exterior paint.

As we researched it seemed that the only option was 100% Acrylic Paints. Because the quality was lacking, we continued our search until we came across ceramic coatings. Lets look at the difference.

100% Acrylic Paint

When you see a bucket of paint that reads 100% Acrylic Paint, that is indicating to you that it was produced with 100% acrylic resins and is not mixed with other lesser quality resins like resins of vinyl acetate. Some manufactures will add in small amounts acrylic resins and slap an Acrylic Paint label on their buckets. The 100% Acrylic Paint are still made with latex. 100% acrylic latex paint is what is considered to be basic regular paint. This is the paint that was produced once oil-based paints were discontinued.


Easy clean up

Fast drying

Great for indoor use


Not as durable as oil-based and ceramic-based paints

Will need to be repainted every 3-5 years

No UV or infrared ray projection

Doesn’t expand and contract with weather changes

Ceramic Coating

We asked the question, what makes paint on vehicles last so long? We soon discovered that cars are painted with a ceramic-based coating that is durable enough to withstand the abuse of wind, rocks and debris. After some research and networking, we were introduced to a manufacture who was producing commercial grade ceramic and elastomeric exterior coating. And thus Turtle Coat was born.


25 year Warranty that it won’t chip, flake or peel

Ceramics provide UV and infrared protection

Fade resistant

Expands and contracts with weather changes



Not sold retail

Warranty is only valid if applied by a approved professional

If you’re interested in switching over to the longest lasting exterior paint for your home, contact us here or call us at (470)-589-7624.