Elastomeric Coating for Condominiums & Apartments


Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings are Acrylic, Elastomeric (flexible) Ceramic Coating System that is applied over the building’s prepared exterior surfaces instead of applying another coat of paint.


Enhanced Protection & Durability: Discover Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings

Turtle Coat will bond permanently to any prepared surface giving you long term protection from the elements as well as keeping that “freshly painted “ look for up to 5 times longer than traditional paint. The Turtle Coat System is also breathable so it will not trap moisture behind the coating and dries out quickly after rain. This is one of the ways Turtle Coat resists mold and mildew. Many times, the cost of a Turtle Coat Job is returned within 2-3 “Painting” cycles making it a great Value.

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings carries a 25 Year Warranty.

Condominiums and Apartments use Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating to maintain Curb Appeal for up to 5 times longer than traditional paint, our rust treatment products and services and “ Turn key “ work that includes wood repairs. Turtle Coat Application Teams are trained to use factory guidelines and insurances are covered as well as our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Offices and Shopping Centers also enjoy the benefits and features of Turtle Coat. Turtle Coat Coating System will bond permanently to any surface, bridge cracks in stucco and wood and remains flexible to expand and contract with temperature changes. Along with Turtle Coat Inc. Customer Satisfaction Record (A+ with BBB) ,25 Year Warranty and not having to repaint for a couple of decades, Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings give you a great Value.

The Turtle Coat Solution for Churches and Historic Buildings

Churches and Historic Preservation Jobs are unique because they will remain in use perpetually and long term maintenance is a huge expense. During the Preparation stage of each job, we bring the building back to near “New” condition before the coatings are applied. Daily job site cleanup, color matching and quality work enhances the Turtle Coat Experience. Imagine the steeple of a Church not having to be painted for 25 years.