Commercial Painting

For our commercial and industrial clients, Turtle Coat Inc. offers a full line of primers and coatings for all types of applications.

Architectural coatings built to last

We promise to provide the highest quality products, responsible service, and expert technical knowledge for Architectural Paints and Coatings.

Our manufacturer has been in business since 1964. The introduction of Ceramic Technology launched their operation into one of the fastest growing Architectural Paint and Coating Manufacturers in the nation, striving to be one of the largest.

Turtle Coat Inc. is proud to offer these high-quality products to their clients, knowing they will receive not only quality workmanship but a product line made for durability and longevity.

Turtle Coat Inc.s’ product line is Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings.

We offer Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings for exterior walls and trim that carry a 25-year transferable warranty, waterproofing sealants, waterborne epoxy, asphalt and concrete stains, interior and exterior ceramic paints, interior NO VOC paints and much more.

For Rust Correction and Prevention, Turtle Coat offers a Elastomeric Metal Primer that has a chemical ingredient that changes rust from iron oxide to iron phosphate which creates a non-oxidizing surface. This primer can then receive a finish coat without the repeated need to remove rust and repaint.

Surpassing professional standards

Turtle Coat Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings are a Commercial Reflective Paint Coating and carry the Energy Star Rating and exceed EPA requirements for Reflectivity and Emissivity. If a leak does occur, it is easier to find because of its snow-white surface it’s simple to correct. A permanent bond for the coating is created with our Elastomeric Adhesive Primer Sealer.

Most other Commercial Coating do not have the Energy Star Rating, lack a primer that equals our Adhesive Primer Sealer, do not offer the thickness of Turtle Coat (approx. 20 mils, dry film, w/ primer; a 3 coat system) offer a “Class A” Fire and Smoke Rating.

Our Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings are independently tested by the BASF Corporation, for our manufacturer, along with other major independent testing facilities and carry a “Class A” Fire and Smoke Rating. In most cases, the results of these tests far exceed that of other coatings and are available upon request.

The test results on the Turtle Coat Product Line show a quality level that exceeds most any coating products available at retail levels.

See our commercial project gallery

Look in our photo gallery for commercial projects done by Turtle Coat Inc. and projects that the Turtle Coat Formulations were furnished by our manufacturer to high profile properties around the world. We make this exclusive product line available to commercial and residential property owners.

With Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings from Turtle Coat Inc., your properties, large or small, can have the benefits of long-lasting beauty, protection from the environment, and increased energy efficiency.