Can it be used over Brick?


With Turtle Coat’s Bonding Adhesive Primer and Sealer, the prepared and primed surface will be sticky like the back of a piece of masking tape. The Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating Finish Coat is applied over this and is guaranteed for 25 Years against chipping, flaking and peeling.

Not only is Turtle Coat much richer in appearance than traditional paint, brick surfaces are permanently sealed with Turtle Coat keeping out the elements. The thickness of Turtle Coat will not change to surface texture of the brick. You still have the look of “brick” and Turtle Coat can be tinted to most any color. Turtle Coat is an excellent choice for the ‘Painted” wood trim as well. Also, testing shows, the brick surfaces stay cooler because of Ceramic Microspheres in the Finish Coat.

See our Photo Galley under Traditional Homes to view some of our Brick Homes coated with Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating.