Turtle Coat Adhesive Primer Sealer

Product Description:

Ultra Prime is a clear transparent, acrylic elastomeric, waterproofing adhesive, bonding primer sealer. Waterborne latex based high resin content formula that contains no fillers or pigments. It is designed to remedy and prepare chalking and or poorly conditioned surfaces for a finish coat. Excellent penetrating characteristics enable Ultra Prime to permeate into the substrate providing a permanent bond to the finish coat.


Excellent adhesion on most any interior or exterior surface including: weathered wood, shakes, plywood, clapboard, primed metal, galvanized, synthetic or aluminum siding, aluminum, tin, copper, asbestos, asphalt, urethane, polyester, Styrofoam, adobe, brick, stucco, concrete, clay, masonry, slate, slab and various other substrates. Designed as a primer coat for Turtle Coat’s Coating Systems but can be used as a primer for most latex based paint or coating.